Let’s work together for children’s sake

I would like to applaud the authorities for the host of decisive measures that have brought us to the current Transition Phase.

Since the re-emergence of local transmissions in August, the populace had essentially been on edge over the invisible virus that threatened our health and safety.

I’m hopeful that we will move onto the next phase of the pandemic in due time.

However, as much as we the grown-ups understand the magnitude of the current health crisis, young children have been left wondering why they are being confronted by a new reality.

As a mother of two under the age of 12, my job is to shield them from the stress and fear that are continuing to wreak havoc on our mental health.

Now that we’re in the Transition Phase, we have been instructed to leave the unvaccinated at home and away from crowded areas. It has been three months since they last had any semblance of normalcy. Being under 12 means they can’t be inoculated against the virus. As a result, they are being held prisoners in their own home as the country continues to battle the COVID threats.

I’m not writing to appeal to the authorities to show leniency for the younger generation; in fact, I’m in full support of the measure. What I’m seeking is public cooperation to comply with the health guidelines set by the authorities, so we could finally move on to the Endemic Phase.

One misstep is all it takes to revert to restrictive measures, and I’m sure there are many people who would agree with me when I say: “Let’s not go back there.”

Tiger Mum