Let’s work on improving road safety

THE number of road traffic violations taking place on a daily basis in Brunei must be a matter of concern to the authorities and the general public.

Is it not time to give consideration to law enforcement with the use of CCTV cameras and educational courses for offenders similar to the UK.

In the UK, they have a Speed Awareness course for drivers caught speeding, Ride Scheme for motorcyclists, Nation Driver’s Alert Scheme and What’s Driving Us Scheme for errant drivers.

They have introduced several initiatives under the National Driver Offender Rehabilitation Scheme (NDORS) to reduce fatalities that are implemented by forces across the country.

By providing more CCTV cameras and embarking on an educational programme for all offenders under the NDORS, fatalities have been halved.

The number of road fatalities in the UK 10 years ago was 3,500. The figure stood at 1,730, including motorcyclists and pedestrians.

A practice becoming increasingly popular in the UK is to call the glove box the phone box; so by putting the mobile phone in the glove box before travelling, it is then out of reach for the driver.

This will help enormously in Brunei, where one can see sadly much too often, people driving while on the mobile phone.

– Mohd Roger