Let me return to my children

The writer is currently in Taiwan and has not been allowed to fly back due to travel restrictions. She contacted the Immigration and National Registration Department but has yet to receive a response since March 24.

I needed prompt medical attention due to an ailment in one of my eyes.

I had to fly to Taiwan for surgery as it was urgent.

Without the surgery, I would have lost my eyesight.

After the operation, I was unable to fly back to Brunei as a travel restriction had been imposed.

I have been in Taiwan since then, which has caused tremendous stress to my family.

It is difficult for my children who are young to cope with my absence.

My husband submitted my medical record along with a letter stating that we are willing to cover the costs of the quarantine and tests.

We even contacted the Immigration and National Registration Department. We are yet to receive a response. Can the authorities look into the matter?

Jin-Mei Vathje