Lest We Forget


Compiled by Yazid Aji

Prospective students look for best courses at UK exhibition

Aziz Idris

FEBRUARY 2, 2011 – Close to 400 Bruneian students and 350,000 international students chose the United Kingdom as their preferred destination to pursue their higher education as British qualifications are among the most recognised around the world.

These figures were revealed to the Bulletin by General Manager of James Hon Marketing Management Delon Hon, the company responsible in organising the Study in United Kingdom exhibition for the fifth time since 2006. It was held at The RizqunInternational Hotel.

United Kingdom remains the home of leaders in Science, Technology, Art and Design offering only three years Honours degree courses which is their “main attraction”, said Delon before adding that degree courses in Australia and United States take four years to complete.

He went on to say that this year, more Bruneian students are interested in applying for Business Studies and Tourism. “I think there are more markets for these sectors. In fact, last year we sent a National Diploma student who completed his course at Sultan Saiful Rijal College to continue his studies in the United Kingdom,” said Delon.

Students being briefed during the exhibition. PHOTO: AZIZ IDRIS

Some of the programmes that were offered during the exhibition are Doctors of Philosophy (PhD), Research Masters, Bachelor’s Degrees, Higher National Diplomas and National Diplomas. James Hon’s staff will also be manning a ‘HND Hot-desk’ where students can enquire on the variety of HND/DIPHE courses on offer at their portfolio of institutions.

Also present at the exhibition were representatives from agencies in the Ministry of Education, which consist of the Scholarship Section, Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council and Department of Nursing Studies.

According to Delon, Keele University is among the popular institutes because it offers ‘Dual Honours’ or double majors, whereby students can study two subjects concurrently within the timeframe of one honours.

In addition, there will be a follow-up consultation day held by visiting university staff and academies today at James Hon Marketing Management office in Kiulap that will feature the full spectrum of institutions from across the United Kingdom.

Among some of the British institutions are University of Exeter, University of East Anglia, University of Surrey, University of Essex, Keele University, University of Hull, University of Plymouth, University of West of England and University of Glamorgan, etc.

The exhibition made it easy and convenient for students to apply for further studies in the United Kingdom as well as to know more about British educational institutions.

African scams becoming more sophisticated

Bahreen Hamzah

FEBRUARY 13, 2001 – African scams are reportedly becoming more sophisticated by the day offering unsuspecting individuals lucrative but dubious deals.

A well-established business company received a fax in January from a Zimbabwean national named David Rossman claiming to be the son of Sir Arthur Rossman.

In the fax, Mr Rossman alleges that his father was one of the best farmers in Zimbabwe and did not support President Mugabe’s order to seize white owned farms and was killed for not following the order.

Rossman claimed that his mother had kept USD18 million in a house safe and transferred the money through diplomatic means to South Africa and was forced to seek political asylum as a refugee. And since he is an asylum seeker, it deprives him of operating an account in South Africa.

Therefore, he needs an overseas firm to assist him to transfer the money out of South Africa.

The suspect deal is offering a 25 per cent share of the money and all for the small sum of personal phone and fax numbers. Rossman is also claiming that the transaction is 100 per cent risk free and confidential.

Compared to previous African scams, this latest offer is getting more complex and based on true circumstances. However, you do not have to be clever to notice that these Africans are trying to fleece you with sweet promises of wealth.

The Royal Brunei Police Force have in the past advised the public not to believe these offers and should report any continual harassment by these suspected tricksters.