Lest We Forget


Compiled by Chan Chee Khiong

Cyber-scam with cheap PlayStation

Ignatius Stephen

January 22, 2011 – Kampong Ayer is in London. Or so a bunch of con artists have led some people here to believe. That is where modern technology has taken root in some sections of Brunei’s growing bunch of “geeks.”

Whereas in some eastern countries ancient traditional Chinese hocus-pocus cures and Indonesian mumbo-jumbo promising sexual prowess have taken root, some Bruneians have gone instead on a different route.

A number have progressed even further looking to benefit from the ongoing advanced technological revolution.

They have been busy hunting for the most sophisticated electronic gadget bargains and in some instances, romance through cyber space.

But many are caught in the never-ending fraudulent Multi Level Marketing (MLM) scams or get enmeshed in get-rich-quick Ponzi or other money games which eventually get them nowhere.

In fact, they lead everyone connected to it to a certain disaster, the local financial authorities cautioned.

One such cyber-scam was played out on a student whose girlfriend lost BND600 this week over the scheme.

The start of the trouble for this young man was when his lady companion saw an advertisement in a popular local Internet classified site.

It was for six brand new PlayStations which were offered for a bargain.

Following instructions, he sent the money though a local bank in a hurry. It was supposed to have gone to someone in London. But, soon after, a further request came through from “London”. It asked a further BND1,800 to process shipping and other charges.

The Bruneian became suspicious and contacted the local Internet classified site, which eventually traced the IP to a location somewhere in Kampong Ayer.

Fearing fraud, the local Internet station urged the student to contact the relevant authorities.

Brunei has not been an exception to being the target of Internet scams.

Some locals have been quite susceptible. They have fallen into the trap of Internet investment scams and on-line trading activities, a police source confirmed, who warned particularly the young, to be watchful.

Teen strangled in road rage

AM Zukarnaen

January 26, 2001 – Road rages and bullying are becoming more common nowadays in the Sultanate.

In the latest road rage incident reported yesterday, a woman and her four children were on their way to Kiulap from their home in Kampong Sumbiling when a car allegedly rammed into theirs.

The driver got out of the car and was allegedly very rude towards the woman.

“When I made the turn into the main road, there were no cars, but at the last minute after I made the turn I saw this car driving at high speed and coming towards me,” said the woman who was traumatised by the whole incident.

She said the driver of the other car was shouting and acting in a very aggressive manner.

With a neck brace on the teen recuperates in the hospital. PHOTO: AM ZULKARNAEN

The woman’s 15-year-old-son, seeing that his mother was in trouble, got out to see if he could at the very least defend her from any potential assault.

The man, who was quite worked up, grabbed the teen’s neck and lifted him into the air, according to the mother of the boy. With his feet dangling in the air and the man’s tight grip around the boy’s neck gaining in strength, the stunned mother saw her boy gasping for air.

The woman’s daughter got out of the car screaming after seeing his brother suspended in the air and choking. But the enraged man also threatened to strangle her as well.

The girl got scared and ran to her home nearby to call her father. By the time she and her father reached the scene the man, sensing their coming had let the teen off and cooled down.

The boy was taken to hospital after the incident, his neck badly bruised and bleeding from deep incisions made by the man’s fingernails.

According to hospital sources, the teen will not be able to move his neck for a few days and will have to wear a neck brace. A police report has been lodged over the accident and alleged assault.

Tutong’s ethnic attractions

Haji Mohd Said & Suriani Garip

January 29, 2001 – The diversity of ethnic groups in Tutong District was showcased at the Visit Brunei Year 2001 launching ceremony in the district yesterday.

The event took place at the popular riverside of the Seri Kenangan Beach and was officially launched by Tutong District Officer Haji Harun bin Haji Ismail.

The colourful folk dances and wedding ceremonies were presented by the five main groups of Tutong District, namely, the Dusun, Kedayan, Iban, Tutong and Chinese.

Tourists and spectators were given the opportunity to join in the folk dances, mostly performed by promising young Bruneians in the district.

A handicraft exhibition was also held. The activities continued until the afternoon with more cultural shows and kite competition.

The Kampong Sinaut Consultative Council organised a cycling expedition from Bukit Tinggilan to the beach and back to the starting point.

More than 180 cyclists took part in the expedition including boys and girls in various categories.

Tourists trying out a Kedayan dance. PHOTO: HAJI MOHD SAID