Lest We Forget


Compiled by Lina Gapar

Post exam programmes benefit students

Noorlela Abdul Rahman & Mohd Azrol Azmi

DECEMBER 7, 2000 – SOAS College has taken initiative to provide job shadowing and attachment programmes for their N-Level students at a selected organisations including the Centre for British Teachers (CfBT), Sheraton Utama Hotel and Little Stars Primary School.

Eleven students participated in the attachment programme, which began on October 30 this year. A group of six students were attached to the Sheraton Utama Hotel, Kitchen Department. Two students went to CfBT, and the rest were sent to Little Stars Primary School asteachers’ aides.

SOAS College Principal Arsad bin Abdul Adis visited some of the students while they were at work.

Josie Lauzon, considered the backbone of this programme, explained that the job selection was based on student’s interests. Thus they have their own choice to choose which type of job they would like to experience.

Hajah Normalina binti Haji Mohd Arif, the supervisory of N-Level of SOAS College explained, that these students who finished their exam might join this programme to gain job experience as well as make a full use of their time to build their character.

Hajah Noramalina binti Haji Md Arif, the supervisory of N-Level of SOAS College, Irene Lim, personnel administrator, Sheraton Utama Hotel and Josie Lauzon

Josie Lauzon also explained that the students following the programme tended to be mature. One of the student’s parents commented that their boys have become more responsible.

According to the two teachers, students that participated in the programme were full of enthusiasm and showed positive feedback of the programme.

They added, they have chosen N-Level students because these students have ample time after their examinations. Form 3 students were too young and 0 and A-Level students were busy preparing for their end-of-year examinations.

The objective of the programme is to enhance the academic and social development of students, encourage and assist them in making their career choices, and exposing the students to employability and work skills

Some of the benefits to be gained from the programmes include experiencing the responsibilities of an adult having hands on experience of the programme, the ability to relate with co-workers and communicating with their superiors.

The students also learned the importance of being well groomed and self-disciplined.

The students would receive a certificate in acknowledging their participation in the programme.

Irene Shim, personal administrator of Sheraton Utama Hotel said their part was to encourage young locals trying out the hospitality programme.

She added that this was a good way for the students to expose themselves to different sections in the hospitality sector where they might be encouraged to make hospitality as a career in the future.

Ardi Feyendi bin Awang, Afti Shameer bin Rosli and Md Hassanol Irshad bin Haji Junaidi who work at Sheraton Utama Hotel explained that they enjoyed working at the hotel particularly during the APEC Summit.

Local named Best Speaker

Noorlela Abdul Rahman & Bahrain Hamzah

DECEMBER 21, 2000 – Marzaleine binti Haji Adinin won the best speaker at the second Apec Youth Science Festival held in Singapore.

She said the programme had been a beneficial experience as it increased her knowledge in science education particularly Information Technology. She was one of the participants who received the certificate from Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education Dato Paduka Ali Hashim bin Haji Daud, the guest of honour during the certificate presentation. The function was held at the main conference hall of the Ministry of Education yesterday.

The objectives of the programme was to grant opportunities to the students, teachers and the officers from the Ministry of Education to exchange views about education and culture with other members from different countries who joined the programme.

Secondly, was to extend the knowledge on science, technology, environment, mathematics and other related fields, as well as expose students to the development of foreign countries.

The science camp has hopefully increased the level of education through the involvement of students in the programme. About 38 participants received their certificates.

The ceremony kicked off with a speech by the Head of Science Technology and Environmental Unit Alidin bin Haji Abdul Ghani

In his speech, he commended the students involved for making the most out of the programme, including those who won awards. One of them was Salmiah binti Haji Ahmad who won ‘Best Application of Scientific Principles or Approaches’ awards and a cash prize of MYR1,000.

Marzaleine receiving her certificate. She was the best speaker during the second Apec Youth Science Festival. PHOTO: RUDOLF PORTILLO