Lest We Forget


Compiled by Zaleha Jalil

Festival to promote Brunei’s green jewel

Hj Mohd Said Arshad

November 30, 2010 – The Temburong District Office organised a ‘Temburong Bisai’ festival on Sunday at the Bumiputera Complex in Pekan Bangar. It was held as part of the effort to promote the green jewel as a tourist destination and to encourage participation from members of the public to promote Temburong’s products.

Officiating the festival was the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs Dato Paduka Haji Abdul Majid bin Mangarshah. The highlights of the event were the Temburong Bisai choir song performance, French cultural performances, an exhibition and a bazaar. The bazaar will end on December 19.

The programme was further highlighted with the Temburong Exploration event yesterday morning, which involved visits to villages, carried out by the Mukim Bokok Consultative Council. Fifty people from within and outside the country participated in the programme.

The Temburong Exploration programme gives the participants an opportunity to gain knowledge through their current activities. Certificates of appreciation were presented by a member of the Legislative Council Yang Berhormat Haji Sulaiman bin Haji Ahad.

ABOVE & BELOW: Guest of honour and spouse views the exhibition; and one of the traditional performace during the event

OKBI students try their hands at planting paddy

Lyna Mohamad

November 3, 2010 – A group of 36 Year Six students of the Orang Kaya Besar Imas Primary School in Kampong Subok went on an educational field trip to the paddy development and field plantation in Kampong Wasan, which is under the management of the Department of Agriculture.

Accompanied by four teachers, the visit served as a practical opportunity for the young students to partake in paddy planting themselves allowing them to learn the basic fundamentals and techniques as well as develop a sense of appreciation for the entire process of growing paddy.

Welcoming the enthusiastic students at the plantation was Baitul Wajihah Homestay Manager Haji Muslin, who also briefed the visitors on the various paddy field locations and activities conducted in Kampong Wasan.

Coincidently, during the visit a team of RTB crew happened to be filming a news segment on a location at the plantation, which led to several students being interviewed by the local broadcaster regarding their respective experiences and views of paddy plantations.

Prior to the end of their visit, students got the opportunity to participate in local traditional games and activities, which included ‘Salok-Salokan’ and ‘Kasut Tempurong’ as well as try their hands at weaving Ketupat casings and ‘Takiding’ (a type of basket that is worn across the back, fashioned for carrying fruits, vegetables and harvested rice).

Students learn weaving techniques used in making baskets and ketupat
Students get first-hand experience on the process of growing paddy