Lest We Forget


Compiled by Zaleha Jalil

‘Crimewatch’ will keep Brunei safe

Malai Hassan Othman

November 17, 1990 – In a major effort to combat crime in the country, the Brunei police have decided to close ranks with the public in a novel ‘Neighbourhood Crimewatch’ operation.

In a colourful but a solemn ceremony the Royal Brunei Police Force launched such a project in Kampong Lumapas yesterday.

The ceremonial launching was inaugurated by the Commissioner of Police Pengiran Putra Negara Pengiran Haji Omar in the company of some of the senior police officers. Resident of Kampong Lumapas pledged to fight crime that threatened the peace and security of the country. Kampong Lumapas is located in the outskirts of the capital which borders Limbang.

Concerned residents, on their own had earlier initiated a crime prevention unit to check on illicit activities in their village. But their efforts have evidently been futile. Now with the blessing of the police they are better equipped to deal with the nefarious activity.

This new effort in official co-operation between the authority and the people to fight crime was established in a ceremony full of tradition.

Commissioner of Police Pengiran Putra Negara Pengiran Haji Omar delivers his remarks

‘Neighbourhood Crime Watch’ is part of the Royal Brunei Police Force’s programme to instil awareness among people in the country on the need for public cooperation to maintain the peace and security of the nation. It provides common ground to both parties in activating crime prevention.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Dato Rahman Hamid who heads the anti-crime division in the Royal Brunei Police Force said, resident participating in the Neighbourhood Crime Watch will be in close contact with the police.

“The project, the second of its kind in Brunei is also intended to recreate the diminishing Bruneian trend of caring neighbours.” Pengiran Putra Negara Pengiran Haji Omar also pointed out that such programme will also be extended to other villages.

He added, without the villagers participation, Neighbourhood Crimewatch will not be successful.

New five-cent coins launched

Farah Ahmadnawi

November 30, 2010 – The Brunei Currency and Monetary Board yesterday officially launched the new Brunei five-cent coins with a slightly different composition, thickness and weight compared to the older version. The new coins will be circulated along with the current five-cent coins. Manager of Brunei Currency and Monetary Board Juffry Haji Emran unveiled the coins to the media.

The new features of the coin include its zinc composition. It is 16.29-16.39mm wide, 1.24-1.27mm thick and weighs just 1.66-1.71 gm. The Brunei Currency and Monetary Board stated that both the old and new coins will remain as legal tender in Brunei Darussalam and other respective countries which accept them.

The new five-cent Brunei coins. PHOTO: FARAH AHMADNAWI


200 participate in cycling expedition

Mohd Azrol Azmi

November 6, 2000 – More than 200 cyclists participated in the cycling expedition held yesterday morning at Kampong Masin.

The event started off from the Kampong Masin Primary School and was officiated by Village Head Moksin bin Haji Kamis.

This is the first time the village held such event and it was encouraged by the residents of the village in their aspiration to lead a healthy lifestyle. The expedition was a 70 kilometre ride whereby all the participants were awarded certificates which were later presented by the village head.

Azizan bin Haji Salim, the youngest rider, was among the expedition participants who managed to ride for 70 kilometres without stopping.

Cyclists proudly showing off their certificates