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Compiled by Faruq Bostaman

Maktab Sains students dazzle

Azlan Othman

FEBRUARY 3, 2000 – Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan college scored the highest percentage of passes in the GCE ‘A’ Level, said education sources.

Out of 74 students who sat for the examinations from the school, 64 students or 86.5 per cent achieved two or more ‘A’ levels while 10 students achieved one ‘A’ levels or below.

According to the principal of the college, last year’s achievement was much better than in 1998 where the percentage of students who achieved two or more ‘A’ levels was only 81 per cent.

The General Certificate of Examination Advanced Level or GCE ‘A’ Level results were announced recently by the Ministry of Education.

Out of 1,256 candidates who sat for the exams in six institutions and several schools (for private candidates), 43 students obtained four ‘A’ level passes while another 259 candidates obtained three ‘A’ level passes.

Lim Sheng Min, who scored four straight A’s with Mohd Rahimin and Ang Chi Boon who score three straight A’s. All three are from Maktab Sains

Maktab Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah College in Gadong which has the highest strength of 572, scored 18 four ‘A’ level passes and 129 three ‘A’ level passes. The best student was Zill-E-Huma Kamal who scored straight A’s in General Paper, Further Maths, Maths, Accounting and grade B in Physics.

A student from Sayyidina Ali Secondary School in Kuala Belait, Ting Siew Tee, scored four straight A’s in General Paper, Maths, Biology and Chemistry.

Three students – Mohd Rahimin bin Kamarudin, Lim Sheng Ming and Haji Satry bin Haji Sani – of the Maktab Sains college scored straight A’s in all the four principal subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and General Paper).

Mohd Rahimin scored straight A’s in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, General Paper and Grade C in Art.

Meanwhile, Sheng Ming scored straight A’s in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and General Paper.

Speaking to the Bulletin, Mohd Rahimin said that he has yet to decide which degree course to take. Sheng Ming said that he plans to take Computer Science course. When asked why he planned to take the course, he said, the course has a potential not only at domestic but also at international market.

“I prefer to take the course in Singapore as I would not be able to cope with the weather in the United Kingdom,” he said.

When asked on the secret of his success Sheng Ming said that hard work, doing homework diligently and classwork were crucial in achieving personal best.

Seven other students also from Maktab Sains scored straight A’s in three principal subjects and different grades in General Paper.

SMSA top results

FEBRUARY 19/20, 2000 – The Cambridge ‘A’ levels result that was release on February 1, 2000 unveiled excellent results achieved by the students of Sayyidina Ali Secondary School Kuala Belait.

The top student Ting Siew Tee scored straight 5As for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Paper.

Yong Chee Hiung who won a special award for the 1999 Australian Mathematics Competition, scored 3As, and 1B for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and General Paper.

Fairoz Ahamed scored 2As and 3Bs.

Mahmed Nasreen Meera scored 2As and 2Bs.

Vivien Lin Sook Fong scored 2As, 1B, 1C, 1D.

Wong Wei Leong scored 2As and 2Cs.

Awangku Mohd Azrin Shafiee bin Pengiran Matjenin scored 1A, 2B and 1C.

The school’s sixth form was set up in 1997. This is the second year students from SMSA took the Cambridge ‘A’ Level Examination.

Forty-nine per cent of the candidates from the school scored at least 2 ‘A’ Level passes and above.

Eighty per cent achieved 1 ‘A’ level passes and above.

This is an outstanding record that will be charted down in the history of SMSA as a glorious beginning to many years of academic excellence.

The two ‘A’ level high achievers Ting Siew Tee and Yong Chee Hiung with the two Deputy Principals of SMSA