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    Lest We Forget


    Compiled by Zainul Akmal Zaini

    Wedding guests get energy-saving gift

    JULY 6, 2009 – A profound energy-saving message was sent out in a novel way yesterday, when around 500 guests at a wedding ceremony in Kuala Belait walked away with energy-saving bulbs given away as traditional wedding gifts.

    This unique clean and green energy message came with the compliments of the Energy Division at the Prime Minister’s Office in conjunction with the current energy week.

    The wedding that took place at Kampong Pandan Community Hall in Kuala Belait was attended by Minister of Energy Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Dewa Major General (Rtd) Dato Seri Pahlawan Awang Haji Mohammad bin Haji Daud.

    The groom, Mohammad Baihaqi bin Haji Abdul Shawal, presented 500 energy-efficient light bulbs to all the guests as well as the minister.

    The groom’s father, Haji Abdul Shawal bin Yaman, said the energy-saving light bulbs priced at BND7 each were generously contributed by the Energy Division in the efforts to cut down on energy costs and also help the environment.

    Minister of Energy Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Dewa Major General (Rtd) Dato Seri Pahlawan Awang Haji Mohammad bin Haji Daud (right) at the wedding ceremony
    A family member holds the energy-saving light bulb, which were distributed to 500 guests

    The wedding, which took place yesterday afternoon, was attended by over 500 people who were accommodated for the reception in several tents erected outside the community hall.

    The Energy Day roadshow in Belait District this year was launched on June 6 to emphasise the importance of saving and also to promote smart usage of energy.

    Carrying the theme ‘Save Energy, Our Responsibility’, the Minister of Energy said various steps must be taken towards instilling the culture of saving electrical energy and fuel conservation by vehicles.

    Haji Abdul Shawal added that the unique event yesterday would certainly enhance the minister’s aspirations for districts, mukims, villages and schools in conveying the energy-saving message.

    There should be a change in mindset on saving energy at meetings or gatherings, and not necessarily only during Energy Day, as issues relating to energy wastage and inefficiency are relentless, he added. – Liza Mohd

    Coin collector’s charitable crusade

    JULY 3/4, 1999 – Collecting antique coins may be just a hobby to some people, but to a few, it is more than that. It is a passion.

    Ooi Boon Hock is that kind of individual. He has collected antique coins for over 40 years, and he said that he got them mostly from his great-great grandfather, who was also an avid coin collector in the old days.

    For advice and authentication, Ooi went to the Brunei Museum, which was more than helpful to assist him.

    From the Jawi-scripted coins of Brunei to the coins of China marked with Chinese characters, these coins tell the history of the countries.

    And to the experts, the coins can reveal the way of life of those people long ago.

    The first copper coin of Brunei Darussalam (1883)

    Among Ooi’s collection is the first copper coin of Brunei which was issued in 1883. Known as the Bintang coin because of the five-pointed design on it, it was first used during the reign of Sultan Mohammad Hassan, the ninth Sultan of Brunei.

    Ooi also has copper coins of Sarawak used during the reign of the British rulers of Sarawak, Rajah J Brooke (1865-1886) and Rajah CB Brooke.

    Reflecting the trade activities of the period, coins were also extensively used in China during the Ching Dynasty and Hu Nam Dynasty.

    Ooi’ s collection is now for sale, and he said that part of the proceeds will go to worthwhile causes such as a handicapped children’s fund. – Ishan Ibrahim

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