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    Lest We Forget


    Compiled by Zainul Akmal Zaini

    BND40 million pipe dream now reality

    JULY 26, 1969 – The first load of pipes for Brunei’s BND40 million water project arrived this week at the same time as the main civil engineering contract was let.

    The contract, worth nearly BND15 million, has been let to a consortium made up of Winley of Kota Kinabalu and Woo Hing of Hong Kong. It is for the engineering on the first phase of the project only. The consulting engineers are Binnie and partners.

    The contract for the pumping station and treatment plant, to be situated at Layong, has already been let. Work on the project, which will eventually supply six million gallons of water to the Tutong and Brunei-Muara Districts, is expected to start in October and be completed by October 1972.

    The first load of 700 pipes arrived this week on board a 213-foot barge which was towed from Prai in Malaysia by the tug Sel Valiant.

    The barge is the stripped-down hull of the old LST, the Empire Fulmar and the tug is the former naval tug, HMS Encore.

    Low down in the water under its load of 700 steel pipes, this Selco barge brought the first load of pipes to Brunei for the new Tutong water scheme. – BULLETIN PICTURE

    The pipes are being supplied by Boon and Chia of Ipoh and some 55 miles of them will be needed for the whole project. KC Boon of Boon and Chia told the Bulletin in Brunei Town this week that about 6,500 36-inch-diameter steel pipes would be shipped from Prai, opposite Penang, for the first phase of the project.

    The shipping of the pipes is being done by the Selco Group of Singapore. The group’s marine coordinator, Douglas Lim, in Brunei to supervise the unloading of the barge, said the shipment of 6,500 pipes would be completed in nine months.

    He said that although the barge was well down in the water, she towed very well and could have taken another three layers of pipes. He said the 780-tonne, 2,206 hp Sel Valiant was able to make six knots at three-quarter speed during the crossing, which was considered a trial run. He estimated she would be able to make 10 knots on future runs.

    Lim said he had hoped for a 17-day round trip with each load of pipes. However, lack of unloading facilities and heavy handling equipment at Brunei would necessitate a three-week round trip.

    The pipes, each 30 feet long, are being stacked on the Brunei Town municipal dump at mile three, Tutong road until they are needed.

    The first phase of the project, due to be completed by October 1971, will carry water to Tutong, Brunei Town and Muara. The second phase, to be completed a year later, will supply branch pipes to outlying districts.

    The completion of the scheme should mean the end to Brunei’s water rationing which has been ongoing for some months.

    Borneo Bulletin’s good for you

    JULY 22, 1989 – Brunei teachers have found a novel way of teaching English in schools…by using the Borneo Bulletin.

    The Centre for British Teachers, which has been in the Sultanate since 1984, has now produced a reading kit using articles from the newspaper.

    The reading kit aims at helping Form Three students prepare for their Brunei Junior Certificate of Education (BJCE) English examination.

    It was prepared by two teachers at Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan Raja Isteri – Tony Iball and Susan Diskin.

    A statement from the centre said the kit comprised articles with questions similar to those asked in the reading section of the BJCE English examination.

    Students read up newspaper articles to improve their standard of English

    The articles, it said, were chosen for their suitability, interest, length and visual appeal.

    Each kit comes with three copies of 15 different cards, and answers to exercises are provided on separate cards as an aid to teachers. The centre, which employs more than 240 English Language teachers, has already issued the kit to all Brunei secondary schools where it has established a selection of such materials.

    The centre said the kit would be used during the second and third terms of Form Three and could also be used at other levels.

    It added students would enjoy reading the kit and that answering the questions in the exercises would improve the skills needed for examination success.

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