Lessons on healthy food for kindergartners

SECA School pre-school children recently participated in a Health and Nutrition Day in the school premises in Kampong Kapok.

The activity aimed at helping the students value the importance of healthy eating for growth and development. The event started with a Zumba session for the pre-schoolers before they paraded in food costumes designed by their parents.

This was followed by a Bento food arrangement competition.

Nur Zahidah Insyirah binti Hussin was the winner for Kindergarten 1, Muhammad Hadi Furqan bin Abdul Rahimi for Kindergarten 2 and Rabiatul Al-Adawiyyah binti Mohammad Herwan for Kindergarten 3.

The students then joined game booths designed to increase their learning experience about food and nutrition, which included happy teeth and mystery box.

ABOVE & BELOW: A student in a fruit costume; and students show off their bento boxes. PHOTOS: SECA SCHOOL