Lessons on health and safety

Daniel Lim

A total of 112 Belait Sixth Form Centre (PTEB) students accompanied by 52 teachers attended a health and safety talk yesterday, organised by PTEB in collaboration with Megamas Training Company Sdn Bhd.

PTEB Senior Mistress of Administration and teaching staff welcomed Megamas Deputy General Manager cum guest of honour Haji Mahmud bin Haji Idris and the guest speakers to the school.

Megamas Business Development Manager Jeremy Chua; facilitator and guest speaker Joseph Quezon, and Megamas officials also helped out with the talks and activities lined up for the day.

The talks provided the Pre-U2 Level students and teachers a better understanding of the potential hazards that exist, and preventive measures to ensure safety.

Quezon also enlightened attendees on Brunei Darussalam legislation to ensure safety standards are maintained. One of the activities required the students and teachers to provide solutions to prevent and mitigate safety and health risks.

Guest speaker Joseph Quezon at the talk
Students post answers on a board. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM