Leopard wanders into girls’ hostel in India, hides under couch

UPI – Wildlife officials and zookeepers responded to a girls’ hostel in India to capture a leopard that wandered into the building and crawled under a sofa.

Mousumi Bora, owner of the hostel in the Hengerabari area of Guwahati, said she thought there was a piece of cloth stuck under a sofa inside the building on Monday, but just before she touched the object she realised it was a wild animal.

Bora and the hostel’s 15 residents barricaded themselves in a room while waiting for police to respond with officials from the Assam State Zoo and personnel from the Wildlife Division and Territorial Division.

Officials said it took about four hours to corner the leopard and shoot it with a tranquiliser dart. The leopard fled after being hit with the dart and ended up in a neighbouring home before the sedative took effect.

The leopard was taken to the Assam State Zoo to be examined by veterinarians. Officials said it will be microchipped and returned to the wild.