Leisure driving not the problem, speeding is

I was surprised to read the letter, ‘Right lane not for leisure driving’, in the Opinion page on February 27.

After 15 years of commuting between Bandar Seri Begawan and Kuala Belait, I have rarely encountered leisure drivers on the right lane.

In fact, I often see motorists driving at 120 kilometres per hour being tailgated by those speeding down the right lane at over 140 kilometres per hour!

However, I do agree with Road Rager that the use of mobile phone is of real concern; though the practice is less commonly in drivers traversing the right lane.

I believe that all the road safety issues could be resolved by the introduction of CCTV along these roads.

In the United Kingdom, road deaths have been drastically reduced, from over 8,000 annually in the mid-60s to less than 2,000 in the past few years, thanks to CCTV as well as half-day road safety behavioural courses.