LegCo members deliver closing remarks

|     Danial Norjidi     |

LEGISLATIVE Council (LegCo) members delivered closing remarks as the 15th LegCo session concluded yesterday.

LegCo member Yang Berhormat Haji Abdul Hamid @ Sabli bin Haji Arshad said with regards to economic diversification, one of the industries that has been identified as having big potential and that should be given attention is the Halal industry.

“With the development of the industry, InsyaAllah it will lead to increased exports of Halal products and further boost the country’s gross domestic product (GDP),” he said.

He said the country has the potential to be a destination that is a Halal hub not only for food and beverage products, but also other industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal feed, hospitality and tourism, banking and finance, and logistics.

He said with the unemployment rate, the group most affected are youth before adding, “However, we can be proud of today’s youth because they are able to highly engage in the business arena.”

He expressed hope that youth will be supported continuously by stakeholders including financial institutions, while also highlighting the need for a sustainable business environment and platform for young entrepreneurs.

LegCo member Yang Berhormat Siti Rozaimeriyanty binti Dato Seri Laila Jasa Haji Abdul Rahman in her remarks noted that many of the country’s issues for economic development and the interests of the people have been discussed. She said, “We also hope that our discussions will bring about positive change in the development of the country and people.”

She noted that even while facing a challenging economy, many facilities are available for the community, and affirmed that this shows that the government has done its best to ensure the country’s development and the happiness of the people.

Among the topics she discussed in her remarks was that of transparency, saying, “I believe transparency between the government and society is important. This does not mean that it is limited to the implementation of the guiding acts, but also includes the introduction of information on community programmes, government initiatives and progress planning that has been and will be planned by the government.” The LegCo member also expressed her hope that the projects planned for national development will be aligned and relevant with Vision 2035.

Meanwhile, LegCo member and Penghulu of Mukim Gadong ‘A’ Yang Berhormat Haji Tahamit bin Haji Nudin in his remarks spoke on various issues, including public transportation.

“There are still some members of the public who face difficulties because they do not own a vehicle, especially outside the Brunei-Muara District,” he said, adding that not all citizens are able to own a vehicle, and that some of them are senior citizens.

“Therefore, I propose that bus or mini-van services be provided that can be paid for by the members of the public.”

He also proposed for the operating hours of bus services to be extended into night time, and suggested that a shift system be used for drivers.

He said that this is because some people begin or finish work at night and may not have their own vehicle. Tourists may want to explore and see the atmosphere at places in the country at night, he added.

On another point, the LegCo member highlighted that entrepreneurs in the country need to be given practical skills and knowledge in online business use, so that they become entrepreneurs who are successful in spreading their wings into the international arena, even in a small way.