Left behind: Thieves raid store of right foot shoes

ROANOKE, Va (AP) – Try walking a mile in these shoes.

The Roanoke Times reported a Virginia shoe store lost mostly shoes designed for the right foot over the course of two break-ins this summer.

Clean Soles operator Rob Wickham said his two-year-old sneaker store was raided by two people on July 20 and by one person on August 25. Taken together, he lost shirts, hoodies, a jacket, one complete sneaker pair — and 13 right shoes.

Wickham said he typically keeps right shoes on display, while their other halves rest behind the counter.

Accordingly, Wickham said the looters were “pretty much risking their freedom for nothing”.

Roanoke County police spokeswoman Amy Whittaker said one 17-year-old has been charged in the July burglary. Police have also released video of the August 25 burglary.

An image taken from a video footage of the incident shows a thief wearing a skii mask while stealing sneakers