Lebanon speaker condemns US sanctions on lawmakers

BEIRUT (AP) – Lebanon’s Parliament Speaker said new United States (US) sanctions targetting two Hezbollah lawmakers are an aggression against the whole country.

Nabih Berri’s comments were carried by Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV yesterday, a day after the US Treasury Department said it is targetting two Hezbollah lawmakers and a security official.

It’s the first time the US has targetted lawmakers currently seated in Lebanon’s parliament.

Hezbollah and its allies won a majority in 2018 elections and the group has three Cabinet seats, the largest number it has ever controlled.

Berri, a Hezbollah ally, said the sanctions are an attack on Lebanese democracy, calling on the Geneva-based Inter-Parliamentary Union to take the necessary measures regarding the “irrational behaviour”.

FROM LEFT: Top Hezbollah security official Wafiq Safa, and Lebanon Parliament members Muhammad Hasan Ra’d and Amin Sherri in Beirut. – AP