Learning adventure in Taiwan

A CONTINGENT comprising 29 students and teachers travelled to Changhua County in Taiwan to participate in a camp hosted by Dayeh University March 18. I am immensely grateful to have been presented with the opportunity to join this enjoyable trip. Not only was I able to spend quality time with friends and teachers in a completely new environment but I was also able to discover the different fields of studies available in Dayeh University, while simultaneously experiencing the hectic yet interesting life of a college student.

The 11-day immersive programme on the campus was packed to the brim with activities, which included coffee brewing and cookies baking in the Baking Department, soap making in the Production Department, a cash flow game in the Financial Department, Japanese cultural experience in the Language Department, firefighting courses and nursing care, metalworking in the Arts Department, and finally, introduction to animation and camera filming in the Multimedia Department.

These highly engaging activities aimed to provide participants with a broad view of the various courses available in the university. At the Baking Department and Production Department, I learnt the importance of teamwork when attempting to produce an efficient outcome through coordinated group activities. The cash flow game and wire bending in the Financial and Arts Department tested our decision-making skills and stimulated our creative thinking skills. Certain activities in other departments allowed us to experience directly how it felt to work in some of the occupations.

In addition to the myriad of these on-campus courses and activities, our hosts sent us on a few field trips outside the university. Among the captivating destinations that we visited were Qingjing Farm, Guangxing Pulp Factory, Sun Moon Lake, Fengchia Night Market, Taipei Jiufen, and XiMenDing Night Market.

As an individual who loves outdoor activities and new experiences in life, I enjoyed these excursions immensely. The streets of Taiwan are markedly different in comparison to those in Brunei. Taiwan is a bustling and efficient country – people are everywhere and yet there is hardly any trash on the ground! This crowded and clean nature of Taiwan has inspired me to be more aware of my surroundings and to assume more accountability in keeping my environment clean.

During the excursions, the participants were divided into groups based on our shared interests. This way, everyone was able to satisfy their curiosities by the end of the day. Going out in groups also allowed us to strengthen our friendship, better understand each other and most importantly, to learn to always be on the lookout for one another. Maria Tan binti Khirul, Y10 Science 1

Students during an activity