Leaked Russian interference report raises UK vote questions

LONDON (AP) — A senior Labour party official said leaks from a report on Russian interference in British politics raises serious questions about the security of next month’s election.

The Sunday Times said the report from Parliament’s intelligence committee concludes that Russian interference may have affected Britain’s 2016 Brexit referendum, though the impact was “unquantifiable”.

The Times said the report discussed the impact of articles posted by Russian new sites that were widely disseminated on social media.

Labour’s Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Emily Thornberry told the newspaper that the United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson must “clear up the confusion, spin and speculation around this ISC report by publishing it in full at the earliest opportunity”.

She said if the Conservative leader does not, “people will rightly continue to ask: what is he trying to hide from the British public and why?”

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson during his visit at Bolton University. PHOTO: AP