League of Legends hero Senna gets a Louis Vuitton makeover

Elise Favis

THE WASHINGTON POST – Last September, Riot Games announced a surprising partnership, joining forces with Louis Vuitton to bring the luxury brand’s iconic aesthetic to the free-to-play League of Legends, blending real-world fashion into the game. Today, Riot is draping another of its key characters in Louis Vuitton garb.

Designed by French designer and LV Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière, the first character to receive a luxury makeover was Qiyana. True Damage member Senna, who uses a mix of ranged, physical and magical attacks, is the second to receive her own Louis Vuitton skin. Senna – who wields a golden relic weapon and already has a classy look – seemed like a perfect fit.

“She carries herself with just the sense of dignity and prestige,” Riot Games Art Director Seth Haak told The Washington Post. “I think who she is as a character and her personality were just a natural fit for that brand.”

The new skin features her sporting sunglasses, a fashionable scarf and golden caps on the tips of her dreadlocks. Riot, who has been collaborating with Louis Vuitton for about a year, said the art team was determined to fit Louis Vuitton’s aesthetic into League of Legends without it being jarring.

“Our team didn’t want to make it feel like it was a walking billboard for Louis Vuitton,” Haak said. “But it was really fun as an artist, working with other artists in a different industry, to have that kind of collaboration.”

Fans can snag her stylish new look for 100 Prestige Points. As for those who want League of Legends-inspired Louis Vuitton apparel to wear themselves, they’re in luck: A Senna-inspired capsule collection, similar to Qiyana’s collection from December, arrives on February 14 on Louis Vuitton’s official website.

Senna is the newest League of Legends character to receive the Louis Vuitton treatment. PHOTO: RIOT GAMES