Leadership, entrepreneurship skills on display at St James’ Open Day

Open Day was an annual event of the school and it was a day where the students and teachers get the opportunity to show their talents.

This year, St James’ School’s Open Day was on August 3. There were several different stalls set up in the school, where they can sell different types of food and beverages.

A month prior to the event, both the students and teachers were busy preparing. Students who were interested in performing on stage had to audition.

The crowd were seated at the assembly area while waiting for the show to start. The emcees then informed the crowd to face the flag pole and sing the national anthem followed by the school song.

The event started with a song entitled, We Will Rock You and it was performed by the selected students. Hours after the show, several games were conducted by students themselves and its main purpose was to teach students to become leaders and about entrepreneurship.

The event was very much enjoyed by the public. During the event, registration for the next school year 2020 was also catered to all the parents who had attended the event.

Year 4 students during a traditional dance at the Open Day event
Year 11 students manage their stall