Leaders to gather at ASEAN-RoK Summit beginning on November 25

James Kon

ASEAN leaders are expected to attend the ASEAN-Republic of Korea (RoK) Commemorative Summit 2019 at Busan, Korea from November 25-26.

The summit will commemorate the 30th anniversary of the dialogue partnership between ASEAN and the RoK, and is set to be the biggest international conference hosted under the administration of the RoK’s President Moon Jae-in.

Two previous ASEAN-RoK Commemorative Summits were held at Jeju in 2009 and at Busan in 2014.

This year’s Commemorative Summit, held in Busan, will be the third of its kind.

Of ASEAN’s dialogue partners, the RoK is the only one to have hosted all three Commemorative Summits with ASEAN in its own country. This is a testament to the cordial relations that ASEAN and the RoK have built over the last 30 years.

This year’s meeting is expected to serve as an opportunity to review the development of ASEAN-RoK relations over the past 30 years, and present the shared vision of ASEAN and the RoK for the next 30 years.

In conjunction with this meeting, the first Mekong-RoK Summit will be held on November 27. By elevating Mekong-RoK cooperation from the ministerial-level to the summit-level at this opportunity, the RoK will significantly strengthen its cooperation with Mekong countries, the fastest-growing region of ASEAN.

‘Partnership for Peace, Partnership for People’ is the official slogan for the 2019 ASEAN-RoK Commemorative Summit, which was chosen from a competition involving the people of both Korea and ASEAN, embodying the vision of an ASEAN-RoK relationship that pursues a people-centred community of peace and prosperity.