Lax safety protocols at quarantine hotel worrying

I’m writing in response to the worrying information provided by Mr S in the Opinion page of the Bulletin on March 31 regarding his hotel quarantine experience.

COVID-19 safety protocols at the author’s hotel appeared to be extremely lax and the overall quarantine experience sounded dreadful. Given the mental anguish that quarantine can cause, I would think that having Wi-Fi facilities should be regarded as an absolute essential.

I do hope that the authorities would consider reimbursing the BND400 data top-up costs borne by Mr S.

I agree that the authorities have done a commendable job in containing the coronavirus. It’s a shame that there may be one or two hotels that are letting the system down and potentially putting the wider community at risk.

Given that there are a number of new highly infectious strains circulating the globe, coupled with the fact that a small number of hotels may not be maintaining the highest safety protocols, the authorities would be wise to consider re-evaluating hotel safety protocols and standard operating procedures currently in place.

The virus does not discriminate between people staying in expensive hotels as opposed to budget accommodations. Therefore, extremely high health and safety standards should be maintained and monitored by all participating hotels.

Internal reviews should be carried out by the management of quarantine hotels and externally reviewed by the authorities.

Monitoring the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats through a SWOT analysis will ensure risks are minimised.

All staff at participating hotels should also be fully trained to implement the very highest safety standards based on COVID-19 best practices.

The authorities should consider limiting the number of hotels participating to include only those that meet the standards with regards to protocols, health hygiene and facilities available.

A Concerned Resident