Lawyer apologises for Ghosn’s ‘disguise’ during release

TOKYO (AP) — The mystery of Carlos Ghosn’s strange attire when he was released from Japanese detention has been solved, with his lawyer saying yesterday that it was an effort to protect the former chairman of Nissan from intense media attention.

Many had been baffled by why Ghosn was wearing a blue cap, surgical mask and a construction worker’s outfit when he was released on bail on Wednesday. The disguise has riveted Japanese tabloid media, with one TV show even featuring a reenactment with a man dressed in the same outfit.

Lawyer Takashi Takano said in a blog post that he takes full responsibility for what he called the “theatre of disguise” and he apologised for its failure.

The crowd of media that had been at the detention centre, waiting for hours, spotted Ghosn despite his outfit and followed the van he entered across town in a spectacle broadcast live on television.

“My immature plan, as a result, has tarnished the reputation that he has devoted his whole life to build,” Takano said of his client.

Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn (in blue cap) walks out with security guards from Tokyo Detention Centre in Tokyo. – AP