Law students test mediation skills

Asian Law Student Association (ALSA Brunei) took part in the 2nd ALSA International Mediation Competition (AIMC) 2021 from Brunei Darussalam Arbitration Centre Berhad (BDAC).

The contest held online from July 23-25, had participants from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Sri Lanka, India and Vietnam.

The inaugural competition was hosted by ALSA Malaysia in 2020 to promote the use of mediation and increase the interest of the future generation to pursue a career as a mediator. Students of diverse background and academic capabilities were given the a glimpse into world of mediation, gain expertise, as well as hone mediation skills.

The competition also sought to promote networking among the participants effectively allowing for the exchanges of views.

With the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, online Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), especially online mediation is fast becoming a highly preferred methodology for conflict resolution.

The short length of time in comparison to court litigation, the confidentiality attached to the process as well as of its cost saving benefit are among the reason for its popularity.