Law breakers netted in JPD operation

Rokiah Mahmud

The owners of 15 vehicles (Kijang), eight commercial and four private vehicles were issued fines totalling BND2,450 for violation of the Road Traffic Act and Regulations (Chapter 68), during a November 11 operation by the Land Transport Department (JPD).

Forty compound fines were recorded, and warning notices issued to company owners for offences committed by their drivers.

The offences included vehicles with rusty body work, flooring and body paint; not using safety belt; damaged driver/passenger seat; private vehicles used for commercial purposes; bald tyres; cracked windshield and rear passenger seat not being fitted.

JPD took action against commercial vehicles with bald tyres, expired speed warning, damaged safety rail, breaking/adjusting the speed warning devices (SWD). Overloaded vehicles and unlicensed drivers were also detected.

The public can report road safety-related matters to Darussalam hotline 123 or WhatsApp 8333123.

ABOVE & BELOW: Vehicles pulled over for violating the Road Traffic Act and Regulations. PHOTOS: JPD