Law breakers nabbed in Operasi Selongkar

Azlan Othman

A food and beverages business in Gadong was found to have violated labour laws during a recent operation codenamed Operasi Selongkar 68/2021, conducted by the Labour Enforcement Division (LED) of the Labour Department.

One local citizen and eight foreigners employed as waiters were also found to be performing other work, as cooks and bakers, at the premises, the Labour Department said in a statement.

One foreigner, endorsed as a labourer by another company, was also found working as a dishwasher at the restaurant.

Working at an alternate company is in violation of the Foreign Worker Licence, along with abuse of position and engaging in extraneous activities. The penalty upon conviction is a compound fine of BND600 for the first offence and BND900 for the second offence, under Sections 86 and 112 of the Employment Order 2009.

It was also discovered that the employer had failed to provide employment contracts to local workers, for which action can be taken under Section 10 of the Employment Order 2009. If convicted, the penalty is a compound fine of BND600 for the first offence and BND900 for the second offence.

“Employers are reminded to always monitor the welfare of their workers, in accordance with the requirements of the Employment Order 2009, such as the preparation of employment contracts, timely payment of salaries and providing clean accommodation,” said the Labour Department.

Employers are also advised against misusing the Foreign Worker Licence and violate acts under the Employment Order 2009.

Contact the Labour Department at 2381848 (office hours) or 7298989 (outside office hours) for information.

A worker is questioned during the operation. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN