Land owner issued notice for illegal earthworks

Fadley Faisal

Acting upon a complaint regarding a flooded house in Mukim Sungai Liang, the neighbouring landowner was issued a notice by the Authority for Building Control and Construction Industry (ABCi) under Section 24(1), Building Control Order 2014 (BCO) for carrying out earthworks without applying for the building approval and permit.

Any person who carries out, or permits the commencement of any earthwork without approval and permit is guilty of two separate offences punishable to a fine not exceeding BND200,000, imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or both respectively, the ABCi reminded the public.

The owner has been given three months to make the relevant applications.

In a statement, the ABCi stressed that earthworks can create or worsen hazard potential and careful management is required. If not managed well, earthworks have the possibility to cause serious adverse effects on the environment. A significant impact of unregulated earthworks are increased sediment run-offs causing flooding.

The public is reminded to engage qualified persons to supervise earthworks to avoid such incidents.

The public is urged to contact ABCi WhatsApp hotline at 8140365 for enquiry and complaint.