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Labour, immigration offenders busted

Lyna Mohamad

Authorities found employers at a car workshop and a restaurant to have violated a number of provisions in the Employment Order 2009 during a series of raids recently.

Labour Department officials found that the proprietor of a car workshop in Kampong Pangkalan Batu failed to provide a written service contract, was employing foreign workers without a licence and had a foreign employee working as a mechanic despite his work pass listing him as a labourer.

During another operation at a restaurant in Kampong Kiulap, authorities found that the proprietor failed to provide a written service contract and first aid equipment and had a foreigner employed as a kitchen assistant also doing the work of a cashier. For the offences, employers are subject to a compound fine of BND600 for the first offence and BND900 for the second.

Employers will be brought to court for failing to pay the fine or for their third violation.

Meanwhile, a runaway foreign worker was found by the Immigration and National Registration Department (INRD) during a recent operation at a house in Mukim Kianggeh. She was arrested and taken to the INRD Law Enforcement Division headquarters for further investigation.

Individuals violating the terms of their immigration pass is subject to imprisonment of no less than three months, a minimum of three whippings, deportation and blacklisted from entering and working in Brunei Darussalam.

Employers of immigration offenders can be subject to fines of up to BND3,000 for each offender.

ABOVE & BELOW: Authorities during operations to uncover labour offences. PHOTOS: LABOUR DEPARTMENT

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