Labour census opens, counters close

The Labour Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) will conduct the annual census of employers and employees, wages, earnings and hours of work for this year online.

Meanwhile, following a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office on August 12 on the working period for the business continuity plan (BCP), and a press release from the Labour Department on August 10, the Labour Department informed the public that all service counters are temporarily closed until further notice.

For information on the census, visit the websites and, or email to

The department seeks the cooperation of all private companies, business entities, private institutions, cooperatives, associations, clubs and statutory bodies operating in the Sultanate having Foreign Workers Licences (LPA) or only employing local workers (no foreign workers), to provide information of their local and foreign workers, including employers, owners and managers in the census form provided on the website.

Household or private services are exempted from the census.

The information is to be completed online via the website using the username of the employers, owners or managers obtained through online registration at e-Darussalam.

Guidelines can be downloaded from the website or Only completed census will be accepted online via the website effective October 31. The deadline is November 30.

Employers, owners or managers are advised to complete the census of their business entities, private institutions, cooperatives, associations, clubs and statutory bodies by themselves to avoid the misuse of confidential information by a third party that may have been trusted to complete the census on their behalf.

Receipt issued for Census of Employer/Employees 2020 will expire on October 31. Under the provision of Section 3(1), Chapter 99 of the Employment Information Act 1974, employers must fill in the Annual Census of Employers’/Employees’ Wages, Earnings and Hours of Work Forms.

Under Section 8(1) of the Act, any employer who wilfully refuses or neglects to furnish the particulars or information required within the time allowed for furnishing the same, or to furnish the same in the form specified or prescribed, or to authenticate the same at the place or in the manner specified or prescribed or delivery thereof, or wilfully furnishes or causes to be furnished any false particulars of information in respect of any matter specified in the notice requiring particulars of information to be furnished or refuses to answer, or wilfully gives a false answer to any question necessary for obtaining any information or particulars required to be furnished under this Act is committing an offence and liable to BND2,500 fine and six months’ imprisonment.

If it continues, a further fine of BND50 a day will be charged.