La Vida Berhad receives facility upgrade

James Kon

The unstable economic situation as a result of COVID-19 did not just affect normal families, it has also made an even bigger impact on the special needs and underprivileged families. In response, SC Tubular Solutions (B) Sdn Bhd (SCTSB) provided a facility upgrade to La Vida Berhad at its Lambak and Tutong branches recently.

La Vida Berhad is a local non-profit organisation set up in late 2007 to serve, strengthen and empower individuals and families including those with special needs.

Maintenance engineer Rudy Low after the first visit, looked into plans to improve the conditions of the sales area and storage management.

SCTSB in collaboration with SEC Mashibah Sdn Bhd from the M&E Contractor Company, installed two air conditioners, replaced 18 lighting units and distributed 50 heavy-duty storage shelving at the La Vida’s store.

SCTSB also donated two computers and eight baking appliances to improve the current system and expand the baking class capability for individuals with the special needs and underprivileged families.

SCTSB expressed hope that La Vida will expand its service to nurturing the underprivileged parents and special needs children to prepare them for independence and financial self-reliance.

“SCTSB has always been committed to its community service responsibilities. We were particularly impressed with the setup of La Vida and the great work they have done for the community. We wanted to provide further support to them. We will continue to support organisations with a cause as great as La Vida,” said SCTSB General Manager Phil Grant.

Representatives from SC Tubular Solutions and La Vida Berhad in a group photo. PHOTO: JAMES KON