Kumon: Enriching and empowering students

WITH a fourth learning centre set to open soon in Sengkurong, and with three existing centres in Bandar Seri Begawan, Kumon has been growing in popularity among parents since its launch in Brunei in 2015. But what is it about the global educational network that makes it so popular?

The Kumon method of learning

When it comes to education, Kumon believes there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” programme. Every child thinks and learns differently, and as an enrichment provider, Kumon understands this.

At Kumon, self-learning and developing soft skills are just as important as grades. Students are provided with material best suited to their abilities, so no one gets left behind or feels unmotivated because they don’t feel challenged.

Kumon instructors also don’t hand out answers when students encounter a problem; self-learning through guidance is the way to go. All these methods are part and parcel of enriching students and helping them feel empowered, as qualities like being independent and critical thinking develop during their time with Kumon.

Kumon programmes are designed for every child

Kumon offers a wide variety of programmes, and they are suitable for all ages as worksheets are carefully designed for students to advance in small steps, and at their own pace. Main programmes cover core subjects such as mathematics, English, and even pencil skills for young children to start drawing and writing at an early age.

Every child is unique, so why shouldn’t their learning journey be as well? Find out more about Kumon in Brunei. Visit kumon-brunei.com today.

At Kumon, students develop skills such as being independent and critical thinking through self-learning guided by instructors. – KUMON