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Kudos for prepping students for the real world

Since the re-emergence of local COVID-19 transmissions in August 2020, the authorities had done everything to curb the spread, including keeping the workforce and students at home and discouraging unnecessary excursions. The efforts have paid off; we are now in Early Endemic Phase, and slowly, we are moving towards normalcy, albeit a different kind.

It’s good to see students between the ages of 12 and 17 being back on school grounds.

As adolescents, it is a crucial part of development to be able to socialise with their peers.

While technological advancement has afforded us a way to communicate with others in the comfort of our own home, it simply cannot replace in-person interaction.

When the school re-opening was first announced, quite a number of parents were up in arms about it being too soon, while others were relieved that their children could finally reunite with their friends.

I believe the authorities have done a fantastic job reassuring concerned parents that their children will be in safe hands. Judging from the news reports regarding the first day of school, students were provided pandemic-relevant lessons, such as self-administration of COVID-19 test and hygiene management. These are important as the pandemic is not yet over.

While Omicron has shown to be milder than Delta, there is always a chance that a more deadly variant is just around the corner. Thus, I applaud the authorities for having the foresight to prepare the younger generation for future health crises.

Proud Citizen

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