KPWKM to improve data collection on flood victims

KUALA LUMPUR (BERNAMA) – The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry (KPWKM) will improve its data collection on flood victims throughout the country, to find solutions to flood problems in an area.

Its Minister Rina Harun said the ministry obtained the data from temporary relief centres (PPS) and it can be used to ensure flood issues are addressed immediately and avoid worse incidents from happening in the future.

“Last year, there were about 85,000 flood victims nationwide. We will distribute assistance based on this data. But what is more important is to identify the cause of the problem.

“Some victims here (Hulu Langat) said the river was shallow, so if we can deepen the river, it can reduce flood risk in the area. We will take note of this for further action,” she told reporters after presenting food aid and basic necessities to flood victims in Pekan Batu 18, Hulu Langat, yesterday.

One hundred residents of Dusun Tua, Hulu Langat who were affected by flooding due to six hours of continuous rain which resulted in an increase of the Sungai Langat water level on November 5, received the assistance.

Meanwhile, Rina said the ministry was always prepared to provide assistance to flood victims, despite the country facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We already briefed the volunteers on the standard operating procedures for assisting flood victims to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“COVID-19 screening tests will also be conducted and there will be health officers placed at PPS. If the flood victims have symptoms of fever and cough, they will be isolated,” she said.

Rina said the ministry is also reviewing the relocation of flood victims, such as placing only two families in a classroom at a school compared to four families previously, and identifying bigger PPS to place them.