Korean artiste Rain’s new EP features many collaborations

THE STAR – The South Korean singer-songwriter, musician and actor Rain has released a new EP titled Pieces By Rain, and it boasts a lineup of star collaborators.

As he revealed via his YouTube channel, he has teamed up with female vocalist Chungha for the lead track Why Don’t We.

It mixes progressive house and R&B genres that brings out the two established dancers’ powerful moves.

Rain directed the choreography himself and invited Chungha, who confided that she could not believe her ears when he came to her with the offer.

Jackson of GOT7 not only wrote and arranged Magnetic, but is also featured on the track.

For the song Come Here, the 38-year-old works with the rappers Keita, Tag and Won of the boy band Ciipher, which is signed under his RAIN Company. Seven-member outfit Ciipher is set to release its first album, Ankkullyeo, on March 15, and it’s produced by Rain.

Rain is one South Korea’s most prominent musical artistes, who achieved breakthrough success in Asia with his third Korean album It’s Raining in 2004.