Kim to Putin: US acted in ‘bad faith’ at Hanoi talks

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (AFP) – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un accused the United States (US) of acting in “bad faith” at his summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Pyongyang’s state media said yesterday after he secured Moscow’s backing in his standoff with US President Donald Trump.

Kim and Putin met on Thursday in the far eastern Russian port of Vladivostok for their first summit – squarely aimed at countering US influence with Pyongyang and Washington deadlocked over the North’s nuclear arsenal.

Putin was keen to put Moscow forward as a player in a new global flashpoint – and it appears Kim was eager to take him up during talks described by Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) as “unreserved and friendly”.

Putin, known for delaying meetings with international guests, was waiting for Kim when he emerged from his limousine and the two leaders greeted each other warmly before nearly five hours of meetings on an island off Vladivostok.

During the discussions, Kim said the Korean situation was “a standstill and has reached a critical point”, the official KCNA said.