Kg Bebatik Kulapis houseflies issue shows no sign of abating

I WOULD like to raise concerns over the increasing number of houseflies in the Kampong Bebatik Kulapis area.

I am sure I am not the only home owner affected.

During Ramadhan and the first few days of Hari Raya, there were no swarm of houseflies, be it during hot or rainy days.

This proves that the weather has nothing to do with the infestation of houseflies.

However, during the last few days (at the time of writing), I noticed that the number of houseflies were increasing again.

It is frustrating for me and my family as we are constantly disturbed by these houseflies.

This is not the first letter I have written and I feel I will have to continue to write about this.

I understand that there are farms nearby and these could be the breeding grounds for these flies.

I believe if the farm owners are responsible and keep their farms clean, these pests can at least be manageable.

I have run out of solutions apart from paying monthly fees for pest control.

This does not help much to combat the houseflies except kill ants and cockroaches.

I wish that the authorities could visit the area and experience what we, the residents of Kampong Bebatik Kulapis, are experiencing.

– Gen X