KFC seeks to further expand presence in Brunei

|     James Kon     |

KFC Brunei is seeking to further expand its presence, to take control of the majority market share in Brunei, said Datuk Mohamed Azahari bin Kamil, the Managing Director of QSR Brands, on the sidelines of a donation ceremony at the KFC outlet in Giant Rimba yesterday.

The coordinator of the company which also manages Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and India, said, “Brunei has done very well; we have very good partners here. Currently, we have 16 stores, with the potential to grow in Brunei.

“We are currently adding and changing the facets of our stores, to attract more valuable customers. We hope to be able to control the majority of the market share in Brunei.”

On the status of KFC products, he said, “We have a different niche, because our chicken is finger-licking good. The chicken is chilled, not frozen, and the quality of our chicken is always number one.”

When asked about the performance of local staff, he replied, “They are very energetic, and I feel that there is a lot of passion in doing their job. They are part of our KFC family, to grow together with KFC.

Merrill Pereyra, the CEO of QSR Brands, meanwhile added, “We are evaluating the business model for further growth. We haven’t had the exact number of how many more stores we’ll be opening in the next few years, but there is definitely potential for growth.”

Pereyra also gave the assurance that the quality of the poultry meat and the hygiene standards in Brunei’s KFC outlets is similar to that in Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia.