Kembara Pendekar Programme an initiative for knowledge-sharing in Silat

|    Lyna Mohamad    |

THE Perguruan Seni Pencak Silat Gerak 41 (G41) introduced the Kembara Pendekar Programme at the Seri Gading Ring in Panaga, Seria last Sunday.

President and main Silat instructor of G41 Major (Rtd) Rusli bin Bujang was the guest of honour at the event. In his remarks, he stressed on the importance of Silat practitioners to become competent martial artists by acquiring in-depth knowledge on the eight Silat aspects.

During the event, Seri Gading members performed the Silat Cakak Asli, an art inherited from the late Major (Rtd) Pengiran Haji Jaludin bin Pengiran Mustapha, who is also known as Pengiran Gading.

Through the Kembara Pendekar Programme, it is hoped to highlight Silat as not only a method of self-defence but also to help in empowering individuals’ mental and emotional state, raising confidence and spirits to face obstacles both in the ring and in daily lives.

Currently there are eight active Silat rings in the country – Tawakkal Ring in Kampong Mata-Mata, Seri Kemanca Ring in Kampong Kiulap, Indera Perkasa in Kampong Jerudong, Cahaya Kilat in Kampong Lambak, Seri Gading in Panaga Seria, Kelab Varsiti in Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Silat Ring at the Religious Teachers University College of Seri Begawan (KUPU SB) and the Silat Ring at Sayyidina Umar Al-Khattab Secondary School.

Members of Seri Gading Ring have been exposed to four dominant Silat disciplines in G41 namely Silat Cakak, Silat Melayu (Kuntau), Panca Sunda and Silat Betawi.

The G41 is an associate member of the Brunei Darussalam National Pencak Silat Federation since May 1988. Ever since then, G41 runs on the guidelines of the Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) and have put out many efforts to make Silat Brunei as the platform for human development and channeling of knowledge by prioritising the Bruneian identity, while also making efforts to bring the uniqueness of the Silat Brunei forward and expose its effectiveness as a self-defence martial art to the community.