Keeping up the tradition

The Indian Association of Belait (IAB) collected 44 pints of bood during its blood donation camp last Sunday in conjunction with Brunei Darussalam’s 37th National Day celebration as part of its commitment to the local community as one of its established objectives.

According to IAB, the association has been organising blood donation camps for more than 21 years. The camps are held twice annually, one to coincide with the National Day of Brunei and another during the fasting month when local hospitals are in real need of donors.

Sixty seven members of the Indian community, other local communities and local organisations donated blood to the Suri Seri Begawan Hospital Blood Donation Centre in Kuala Belait. A total of 44 pints of blood was collected.

During the event, IAB committee members highlighted to the donors: ‘A single pint can save three lives, a single gesture can create a million smiles’.

There is minimal effect on the donor himself as his blood gets replenished within few weeks by the body, said the organisation. As part of the event all blood donors and volunteers
received mementos.

Indian High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam Ajaneesh Kumar and members of the Indian community at the blood donation camp. PHOTO: IAB