Keeping the patriotic spirit flying

Lyna Mohamad

While Bruneians in the country had the opprtunity to display their patriotic spirit and witness the 37th National Day celebration, some were not able to join in on the celebration due to work commitments abroad.

With the travel ban still enforced and only essential travels allowed, local chef Ana Amalina binti Haji Jasmi expressed disappointment for not being able to attend the celebration.

However, Ana Amalina, who works onboard the Aban Deep Driller 5 in Singapore, said such hiccups would not hinder her patriotic spirit amid the National Day. “There is only me and another Bruneian – my colleague Shamsul anak Steward Macmilan onboard the ship. Others are from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and the Netherlands,” she said.

Ana Amalina was posted to Singapore three months ago and will return home next year.

She said all members on board the ship always remain united and respect each nation’s National Day.

Touching on youth’s role in the country’s vision, Ana Amalina said the young generation is holistic, with many excelling in education and spirituality with their innovative and creative mind.

Ana Amalina binti Haji Jasmi and colleagues hold the Brunei Darussalam national flag. PHOTO: ANA AMALINA