Keeping the creative juices flowing

James Kon

The Jerudong International School (JIS) Art Centre, which turns 10 today, has witnessed the flourishing of the local arts, acting and musical scenes.

It has played host to countless major musical and art events, starting with school drama and musical performances, to world class orchestras from Toyota Classics and embassy events.

The auditorium, equipped which surround acoustics, can accommodate 725 guests and 19 VIPs, while its stage can be adapted for performances of various sizes.

JIS Principal Nicholas Sheehan said, “There was a desire to develop creative and performing arts within JIS and Brunei, with a public space that could be used by the wider Brunei community.

“At the facility students can learn to produce and perform drama and music on a proper, full sized stage. While Art and Design/Design and Technology students can host exhibitions to showcase their work.”

He also said, “This experience has added value to their academic courses, and has enabled them to grow in confidence. For those progressing into university courses, it better prepares them for the creative arts.”.

Sheehan added that overseas performers have compared the JIS Art Centre auditorium to national facilities in Singapore.

A view of the Jerudong International School Art Centre. PHOTO: JIS