Keeping the community safe

Izah Azahari

The Royal Brunei Police Force’s (RBPF) Neighbourhood Watch programme is one of the initiatives to engage the community in preventing and eradicating negative elements and symptoms of crime in the country.

The programme is actively supported by villagers through crime prevention patrols in areas considered ‘hotspots’.

The Lamunin Police Station joined forces with members of the Kampong Padnunok, Kampong Kiudang, Kampong Mungkom, Kampong Lamunin Neighbourhood Watch to conduct crime prevention patrols in several neighbourhoods.

Assistant Officer-in-Charge of Police Station (A/OCS) Inspector Shahrin bin Serbini led the patrol comprising nine personnel and neighbourhood watch members.

The patrol began at 11pm at road junctions, followed by Jalan Andaru, Wasai Batu Mapan, Jalan Batang Paip, farming areas as well as stalls and the surrounding villages. No suspicious activities were detected.

Meawhile, a number of areas in Kampong Junjungan, Limau Manis were also targetted especially in residential and farming areas by the Limau Manis Police Station and the Kampong Junjongan Neighbourhood Watch members.

A/OCS Limau Manis Police Station Inspector Haji Mohammad Din bin Tanjong and Acting Village Head of Kampung Junjungan Haji Tamam @ Haji Ahmad Shah Tamami bin Haji Timbang were also present.

The neighbourhood watch team also visited roadblocks operated by the Limau Manis Police Station, with the aim of learning the role of the police in dealing with offences committed by drivers, that violate the Road Traffic Offences Act or Criminal Offences Act.

Neighbourhood watch members being briefed on police work during roadblock operations. PHOTOS: RBPF
A meeting between police personnel and neighbourhood watch members