Keep monkey business out of residential areas

I am writing this letter to address the issue of monkeys being out of control in this country. It seems that monkeys are now invading our lands more and more each year.

Five years ago, it was rare to see a dead monkey by the side of the road. However, in Berakas, where I reside, the past years have been a headache.

Hundreds of monkeys now roam in residential areas, living off fruit trees that my family and our neighbours have tended to for a very long time.

They have also destroyed my makeshift garage, my 10-year-old ‘lampu cucul’ and the fibre optic cable, which has been replaced countless of times because the monkeys treat it like a tree branch.

They invade our kitchen and steal our food, such as eggs and instant noodles, while scavenging rubbish bins.

I understand that the onslaught of monkeys in our properties is most likely due to deforestation to make way for buildings. However, was there no environment impact assessment done beforehand? I believe it is an important issue for the authorities to tackle as monkeys are potential sources of diseases such as malaria and rabies.

We certainly don’t want to wait till an epidemic arises before making the efforts to curb the spread, do we?

Hopefully the authorities would come up with a sound relocation plan, and keep them at a safe distance from us.

Stressed Man