KB Muslimah groups hold Khatam ceremony

|     Daniel Lim     |

A KHATAM Al-Quran ceremony for classes of Muslimah groups of various mosques and religious halls across the Belait District ended at the RPN Kampong Pandan Mosque in Kuala Belait on June 7.

Over 70 Muslimah group memberes from seven mosques and religious halls participated in the ceremony aimed at establishing a closer relationship and encouraging the reading and understanding of Al-Quran not only during the fasting month but daily.

Head of Muslimah Affairs Division Ustazah Noraini Yanti binti Haji Hussin was the guest of honour.

The ceremony began with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah led by the guest of honour followed by the reading of Al-Quran verses led by an instructor from the Muslimah class cum chairwoman of the ceremony Hajah Hamsiah binti Haji Mohd Husain.

Participants in a group photo at the ceremony. – DANIEL LIM

It continued with the recitation of Takhtim and Doa Selamat and followed by the sprinkling of scented oil on the participants’ hands by the guest of honour at the end of the ceremony.

As one of the annual activities organised by the Muslimah groups from mosques and religious halls across the Belait District, it is hoped that Muslim women from various walks of life will be able to gather together to participate in such religious ceremony.

The group organised Tedarus Al-Quran ceremony in several residences of the Muslimah who are less fortunate and conducted classes for the Muslimah to disseminate knowledge with regard to Dikir and Tahlil at RPN Kampong Pandan Mosque since the start of the holy month of Ramadhan.