Katy Perry ‘walking a tightrope’

KATY Perry has admitted it is tough keeping her private life out of the spotlight and has likened it to “walking a tightrope”.

The ‘Dark Horse’ hitmaker admits it is tough living life in the spotlight but she just tries her best to deal with it as she knows it is just a “by product” of what she does.

Speaking to reporters after the ‘American Idol’ panel in Los Angeles on Monday, Katy said, “Well, it’s like walking a tightrope. You don’t have to answer any question. You’re not under oath. You don’t have to leave bread crumbs all over social media if you don’t want to.

“But some people do that and need that and it’s a tool. Listen, all the fame stuff is just a by product of what I do, it’s not what I sought out to do. I just wanted to tell stories and sing and connect with people.”

Meanwhile, Katy previously claimed that being single is helping her career.

Asked about how she balances her jam-packed working schedule, she explained, “I’m a bit younger in heart! I’m a bit more mature … single! You know, when you’re single, you got a lot of time to yourself and a lot of energy, and I’m just finding a delicate balance.”

And the 33-year-old singer feels it would be “ignorant” of her if she didn’t use her fame to “highlight the social injustices” in the world. – BANG!