Katy Perry excited to reconnect with family

KATY Perry can’t wait to “reconnect” with family and friends now she has wrapped up her ‘Witness’ tour.

The Dark Horse hitmaker is excited to head back to Santa Barbara now she has wrapped up her ‘Witness’ tour.

She said, “I love going to Trader Joe’s and walking down each aisle to catch up on the products since I’ve been gone. I’ll literally be in there for two hours. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends in person rather than via text.” And Katy can’t wait to chill out at home and has plans to relax and reorganise her sock drawer.

She added to People magazine, “I’d rather stay home and clean out my sock drawer than go to a party right now.”

Meanwhile, Katy recently revealed she wants to move into acting. She said, “It’s time for me to live my life on my own schedule and terms, so that may look like doing some kind of other class, or like maybe I’d like to make a film in the future finally, doing a kind of separate thing … I would do a comedy. But it has to be in the vein of a Kristen Wiig or a Jenny Slate, super dry, a little bit of a dark comedy, like a ‘Bridesmaids’ girl, like number four.” – BANG!