Katy Perry chose right with Orlando Bloom

KATY Perry thinks she chose right with Orlando Bloom and posted a sweet message to him to mark his 42nd birthday.

The California Girls hitmaker said she was grateful to be dating the Pirates of the Caribbean actor as he celebrated his birthday.

He wrote on Instagram, “last selfie on a set in my 41st year… i’m grateful and as I contemplate the passage of time I really feel age is just a number and we are not…we ARE the choices we make, the words we speak, the thoughts we create and the actions we take…they shape our realities…and as I say to myself and my son…make smart choices…happy me and my loyal companion (sic)”

Whilst Katy wrote in a since-deleted comment, “Glad I made the right choice doe. Happy birthday angel. (sic)”

Meanwhile, Katy previously revealed “opposites attract” when it comes to her relationship with Orlando.

She said, “I think when you’re attracted to someone, it’s sort of like how opposites attract.

“I’m looking for that balance and maybe he’s looking for [someone who is] a multi-tasker.” – BANG!