Katok ‘B’ Primary School upgrading to be done this year

THE Ministry of Education (MoE) would like to thank Concerned Mother for the letter ‘Safety issues at Katok ‘B’ Primary School’ published in the Opinion page of the Borneo Bulletin on February 6.

Matters related school safety is of high concern to the ministry.

MoE acknowledges that a conducive and safe environment is fundamental to the management of school operations.

Towards achieving this, part of the ministry’s initiatives include assessment of physical building and identifying the action plan according to priority.

MoE, through the Department of Planning and Estate Management, had prioritised and have planned to undertake a major upgrading works of Katok ‘B’ Primary School, which includes the upgrading of external work such as car parks, perimetre fencing, and road works.

It is scheduled to be implemented in 2019 and will involve a four month contract period.

Efforts have been made related to the tender process.

The ministry is seeking further supporting information from relevant government departments as part of the tender approval process.

MoE will ensure that a sufficient and immediate plan of action will be arranged by the school management in managing the safety risk while waiting the tender to be awarded.

Part of the action plan implemented was the installation of internal fencing.

The ministry appreciates the highlighting of these concerns by the public and assures that a plan of action has been taken and will be monitored accordingly.

The Department of Planning and Estate Management, Ministry of Education, can be reached at 2384205 (direct line) or through email at feedback@moe.gov.bn.

– Public Relations Unit, Ministry of Education